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University Wits



It is a group of English Dramatists. They wrote to the 16th Century. They were educated at the Oxford University or Cambridge University. They had great influence on the Elizabethan Literature.


The University Wits Group

1-                  John Lyly [1554-1606]

2-                  George Peele [1558-1596]

3-                  Robert Greene [1558-1592]

4-                  Thomas Lodge [1557-1625]

5-                  Thomas Nashe [1567-1601]

6-                  Thomas Kyd [1557-1594]

7-                  Christopher Marlowe [1564-1593]


According to Date of birth


1-                  John Lyly [1554-1606]

2-                  Thomas Lodge [1557-1625]

3-                  Thomas Kyd [1557-1594]

4-                  George Peele [1558-1596]

5-                  Robert Green [1558-1592]

6-                  Christopher Marlowe [1564-1593]

7-                  Thomas Nashe [1567-1601]


जॉन लाल पीला होकर रोब से गिरा थल पर, थक कर, नशे में, तो कष्ट हुआl


जॉन लाल (John Lyly) पीला (George Peele) होकर रोब से गिरा (Robert Greene) थल पर (Thomas Lodge), थक कर (Thomas Kyd), नशे में (Thomas Nashe), तो कष्ट (Christopher Marlowe) हुआl




Cambridge University

1-      Robert Greene

2-      Christopher Marlowe

3-      Thomas Nashe


नशे में, रोब से गिरा, कष्ट हुआl

Oxford University

1-      John Lyly

2-      George Peele

3-      Thomas Lodge

4-      Thomas Kyd


जॉन लाल पीला होकर, थल पर, थक कर

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